Thursday, May 12, 2011

Losing Track

So, I'm losing track of the days. 

I don't know why. 

Anywho, recently my historical interests
in World War II and the Holocaust
were sparked after watching
a documentary called A Film Unfinished
It's a film about the Warsaw Ghetto during
the war and the collection of films that were 
made during the period that it was active.

It showcased a film that had no soundtrack
and no notes for the purpose of its use, except of
course for propaganda. 
Scenes of men, women, and children
were shot (and apparently staged)
so that others outside the area 
may know that the Jews there 
weren't being mistreated 
and they were living it up as always, except
confined within a 3-mile territory. 

Nothing wrong with that, right?
Some of the footage is very shocking
because it shows how poor the conditions were
and yet the next scene would show a woman 
alone in an apartment preparing for a tea party. 

The roads were filled with pedestrians 
who obviously had one disease or another, 
most likely, typhus, which was common
in squalor conditions such as these.

All these images made me think of
the film, The Pianist, with Adrian Brody. 
Such a great film, and I'm telling you that 
the filmmakers definitely watched footage similar
to this documentary, because their scenes
were almost identical.

I was also reminded of Frederic Chopin. 
Mainly, because Brody's character, Wladyslaw Szpilman
was a classical pianist, who played many pieces for 
Polish Radio, before it was shut down by the Nazis 
after the occupation of Poland. 

Even though you probably want to see
images of this film, 
I won't show it, because it is very sad and
I get angry and depressed at the same time
just watching it. 

Moving on, I'm almost finished with A Film Unfinished
I'm learning even more than I already knew about
Warsaw Ghetto and eventual uprising against the Nazis. 

You know what's really sad? 
Is that hatred and treatment of people
is still like this in some countries
and no one has stopped it.

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