Monday, May 9, 2011

Heat Exhaustion

Even though Jesse and I barely worked a full four hours
out in the sun. It was still hellaciously hot and we
were extremely tired both physically and emotionally
(at least I was) afterwards.

Like I said in my last post,
we stopped to fill our bellies at Five Guys,
which in my opinion has the best burgers ever.
Jesse will disagree and say Hamburger Heaven.

Anyway, we ordered and patiently waited
for our food, because after working
in the conditions that we did,
you become appreciative of everything
you're given.

A few people even stopped to talk
to us after seeing our Samaritan's Purse t-shirts.
It was incredibly humbling to speak with
these people who treated us like heroes.
Not to be cliché or anything, but I'm seriously
no hero.

I worked for a few hours outside.
There are others who continuously
do this without asking for compensation or thanks (although
I'm sure they receive plenty of one or the other).

I have friends that I have volunteered everyday.

They are superheroes.

There are others who will drive around these sites
and pass out water, gatorade. etc to those
who are working,
just so that they can contribute to relief.
They are superheroes.

There are others who
read articles about women
and children whose lives have
been completely altered by this event
and call them trash.

They are villians.

(I would tell you where I read that article,
but I don't want to make any more people
more angry than I am at the responses
that I have seen toward this destruction. Disgusting.)

However, there is one thing that I will post that
is interesting. A poem.

Again, if you want to volunteer, please do. is a wonderful resource.

Go and do some good.

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