Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disaster Relief

Since I have to work in my office this week,
instead of in my town,
I figured I should spread the word
about the different things that
you can do if you are like me.

1. Donate Treasure (money):

My friend, Brooke,
is once again making
her "Sweet Home Alabama" chalkboard
tornado relief Sweet Home Alabama chalkboard
and all proceeds are going to disaster relief.
Follow this link to see how you can buy one and
contribute to relief efforts.

2. Donate Time/Talent (Service):
If you want to volunteer in Tuscaloosa,
please register with St. Matthias Episcopal
on Skyland Boulevard first.

Also, my church, Safe Haven,
is working daily with Samaritan's Purse
and First Baptist Church
to bring aid to families.
If you are in Tuscaloosa,
they are meeting at 2420 6th Street
in downtown Tuscaloosa at 7:30am
and then driving to the training site.

First Wesleyan is looking for volunteers
daily to help sort through donations
and distribute them to those in need.

If you refer to The Tuscaloosa News
or The Crimson White,
these two publications
have remained diligent in their coverage of this
situation and how everyone can help.

The CW published a map of Tuscaloosa
and all available volunteer opportunities

I hope that you are well.
If you are, I hope that you can help.

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