Saturday, April 2, 2011

Travelin' Lightly.

So, I haven't been updating very well lately
and I'm sorry. 

However, I did want to share some 
fun pictures from the past few weeks. 

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse and I drove 
to Chattanooga for a nice day trip. 

We went to lunch at Cheeburger, Cheeburger, 
which is awesome and has cute mason jars for drinkin'. 
Almost bought 2. 

Jesse didn't appreciate my picture takin'.

I love that the lights in there gave everything a 
cool pink tint. Very 50s.
The only thing off about their 50s diner vibe
was a Jimi Hendrix poster. 
If you don't understand why that's weird, 
then I don't know why we're friends. 

Afterwards, we went for a stroll on Walnut Street Bridge
aka "the walking bridge,"
where we read all about the history of the area
and completed a virtual cache. 

After a lot of Chattanooga ambling, 
we found a few caches
and some travel bugs. 

Some of the travel bugs
have some pretty cool destinations. 
Mine, for instance, is supposed to go 
from here to Mount Rushmore and back again. 
Pretty neat, huh?

On our way back to the car, 
we passed some metal cows.
They reminded me of Lindsey
and so I started doing mooing sounds.

After Jesse found the car, 
which amazed me, 
because we walked all over
the city and I had no idea where we were.
We drove up to Lookout Mountain
to look for some benchmarks and caches. 
We found them, btw.

And a pretty sweet view of Chattanooga.

I think we were both pretty exhausted
by that point and so we grabbed some dinner
at a nice pizza place downtown
(not mellow mushroom this time).

And sadly, I can't remember the name of the place, 
but it was on the other side Walnut Street Bridge
near the park. 
They have a very good Hawaiian pizza,
which continues its streak as my favorite type of pizza.

Well... that's all for today. 

Check back tomorrow for
some more PieLab fun and caching/benchmarking and 
Alabama sports.
(sorry that the sentence is so not parallel.)
(don't care)

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