Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Scott! I'm married!

See what I did there? 

Cause my last name is Scott now
and I did a BTTF reference at the same time, Ehhhh?

Saturday was such a beautiful day.
No joke. 
I'm glad that we didn't need the back up location.
And I definitely got a sunburn. 
Elizabeth and Rachel did such a wonderful job as the photogs
for our wedding day. 

Jesse looked so dapper in his suit
and I want him to wear it all the time now. 

Brooke did such a wonderful job
on the bunting for the gazebo
and the lovely dessert board.

Love this pic.
My mom said that Jennifer and I look like sisters. 

P.S. I just answered the phone at work
and when the lady asked for my name, 
I said, "My name is Brittni"

1 comment:

  1. haha! That's funny about what you said on the phone. When I was first married, I bubbled in my entire maiden name (which ain't no short thing) on a test on those scantrons. I had to raise my hand and say that I got my name wrong. Embarrassing!

    You and Jennifer do look like sisters!

    It was such a beautiful day, Brittni! everything was so laid-back and fun, and adorable! I was sad the wind blew about the bunting, but happy for the wind because it made the bridesmaids pinwheels spin all throughout the ceremony!

    Oh, we need to meet for coffee; I have a little something for ya, Mrs. Scott.


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