Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Roll over.

I'm pretty sure that the wedding reception
playlist is getting out of control
and would last into the next day
if I allowed it to do so.

Also, the playlist could
consist entirely of The Beatles.
However, I won't do that
to my guests who like that band 
less than a little. 
(I'm not joking... 19 songs
from their catalog have already
been chosen...just sayin'.)

I was going to make you guys a 
Beatles playlist on grooveshark, 
but unfortunately no one 
is allowed to upload their music. 

In other news, 
I just scored free tickets to
see Alabama play UAB
in baseball tonight.
I can swipe my rewards card again.

Racking up on some Alabama athletics. 

Charley Sullivan is slated to make his first start for the Tide on Tuesday.

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