Thursday, February 10, 2011

El Numero Ten-o

That's the Spanish word for ten, right? 

You know to speak Spanish all
you have to do is add an "o" at
the end of an English word. 

Is that not correct?


By the way, did you see the snow? 

Yeah, it totally snowed...again. 

In the South. 


(Imagine Forrest Gump saying it. It's fun.)

If you can't read that, 
it says "Roll Tide #1."

I imagine my friend, Adam, over at 
Life's Little Roll Tides would appreciate this one.

And pretty much everyone else I know. 

Here's a pic of the front of my house. 
Pretty sweet. 
I apologize for not getting a larger view, 
but I didn't think I had time. 

Happy Thursday!
And happy 10 months. 


  1. Slightly creepy, but I'll take it.

  2. el snowo! el snowo! el snowo! is that spanish enough??? hehe

    hahaha. i like your anonymous creepy comment. :D
    ps- i think about your wedding like everyday. just sayin'. i'm pretty pumped.

  3. I see your street number is 320. What street do you live on again? You told me once but I forgot.

  4. Wow, you can barely see the number. The street is Elm.

  5. I agree with Anonymous - that's a nice house.

  6. Back off "Jeff" - I called it first.

  7. Haha, an anonymous fight. This oughta be interesting.

  8. Aw, I didn't realize it was your ten month...and you spent it at small group talking about marriage and awkward hand gestures haha...happy anniversary and thanks again for driving me home! You rock!!!


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