Friday, January 7, 2011

Melt With You

I feel like I'm rushing the planning process
for my wedding, because I've gotten so much
done already....

My dress--- CHECK!
The bridesmaid dresses--- CHECK!
The location of wedding/reception--- CHECK!
Wedding Photographer (Thanks, E-liz!)--- CHECK!
Food prep/catering arrangements (aka me, friends, and fam)--- CHECK!
Music (aka iPod)--- CHECK!
Decoration planning--- to be checked, next week!
Wedding registry--- CHECK!!! 
Wedding website--- CHECK!

(Also, I think this setup is gorgeous.)

But after thinking about the checklist,
I've probably only just done a tiny portion...

I still feel pretty accomplished.

So there.

I have taken a break to listen
to my iTunes library of awesomeness...
right now, it's playing "O Holy Night" by Faith Hill.
Yes, I realize the Christmas season has passed,
but hey, the Christmas tree is still up at the house
and decorations at work still haven't been removed.
I'm giving myself one more day.


Hope you have had a wonderific Friday. 

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