Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Bag

A whole new level has been added to my Christmas season. 

My procrastination cannot win in this case, 
because waiting until the last possible moment
to plan a wedding is probably a bad thing. 
Just sayin'.

My mom still hasn't met Jesse's parents, 
so that will have to be NUMERO UNO
on my to-do list. 

After looking at The Knot
and bridal magazines, 
I'm going to suggest to Jesse that we elope. 

That will most likely not happen though. 


Before all that begins though, 
I have paused to stare at my ring...
and think about the future. 

It's filled with hopes for a big family
and lots of love. 

Is that crazy cheesy?

Oh well. I'm cheesy now. 

Before you know it, 
I'll be wearing those teacher sweaters
AND not ironically either. 

Schoolhouse Playground Tacky Ugly Teacher Sweater Women's Size Small/Medium/Large (S/M/L)

On second thought, 
probably not. That thing is hideous.

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