Monday, November 1, 2010

You're my best friend.

If you were expecting a beach trip story today, 
here you go.

I know I keep using it everywhere, but I just love this picture.
Jesse caught me hopscotchin' at the best moment possible. 

On the first day (after some much deserved sleep), 
Jesse and I ate breakfast with the gang and 
then set out on our own to search for benchmarks in
downtown Panama City, Florida.

We found like 10 or so... I lost count after a while, 
because I was more focused on looking at the 
old buildings and chalk art (see above). 

We caught up with everyone later in the 
afternoon and played some serious 
ultimate in the non-oily Gulf of Mexico.

Good times. 

We stayed at place called "Venture Out," 
a trailer park for the beach-set. 
Very nice.

Jesse really enjoyed it.
As you can see, he adopted this golf cart
to take us around the neighborhood and across the 
street to the beach. 
I want to move there immediately
for this reason alone.

We were joking about getting jobs extremely close 
to our house after we get married, 
so that we can just drive a golf cart to work.
It's that awesome.

We saw lovely sunsets on Saturday evening...

and did a photo shoot with the group
and even some couple-y pics walking on the beach.

I was telling Jesse last night, while we were looking through 
the "roll" of pictures, that there's not one person 
on this trip that I do not love. 

They are all awesome. 
Just sayin'.

Katie did a wonderful job of "shooting."

We had a fabulous time at the beach....
And hope to get back there soon!

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