Wednesday, November 10, 2010

fait accompli

Fact of the Day:
(Brought to you by mental_floss)
Food chemist William A. Mitchell
 helped invent Tang, Cool Whip and Pop Rocks.

Brittni Fact of the Day:
(That you probably don't care about)
I'm feeling a bit flu-y. 
I hope it passes quickly. 

I feel like chillin' at home like this
feline here.

cuddly kitty

Except my eyes will be closed and 
there will be snoring
and an occasional trudge downstairs
to fix myself some chicken noodle soup.
With saltines...ooh, I love saltines.

Sadly, that will not happen today... 
I must continue to work and 
help the students. 
I hope they appreciate it. 
And also, I hope they don't get sick, too. 

That would be unfortunate. 

Prayer of the Day:
Please pray for my friend. 
She's got some serious health problems
and needs fervent prayer for healing. 

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