Monday, October 4, 2010

Two steps at a time

Hope everyone got to do at least one
FUN thing this past weekend. 

I don't know if I can say that 
my weekend was too eventful, 
but it was pretty eventful. 

Friday night: Hillcrest High School Concessions
Go Pats!
They beat the tar out of the Carver Rams... 

Saturday: Took a small road trip with my friend, Brooke and her mom
to Homestead Hollow in Springville, AL.
Lots o' fun!

Bluegrass. The Amish. Corn husk dolls. Chicken Pita. 
Scroll Saw. Fudge. 

Didn't take this from the table... 
or read the back. 
Sorry. I think I know what it says.

Saturday night:
Watched Florida get stomped by my team. 
And then listened to loud Florida fans whine. 

I also watched Jeff yell at and get yelled at 
by annoying people who don't know 
how to park in our neighborhood. 
Sorry, fella. Don't block driveways
and you won't get yelled at by my roommate.

Boo-yah. I also think it's hilarious that
the dude that posted the mean video about Alabama 
on YouTube the other day 
is now saying it was a joke.
Yeah, right. You don't threaten to have
someone's career ended pre-game
and then afterward claim the video 
was just for funsies. 

And get ready for Fall, 
it's getting cold.
I spend part of my morning searching
for some good sweaters and nice dresses for the upcoming
chilly weather. 

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