Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Escape" to the Beach!

Like what I did there? 

It's punny, cause it's true. 

Do I sound slightly nutty? 
Maybe it's all those pecans I chopped this morning.

Or the oreos I crushed. 

Could be that...

Oh yeah, not only did I make the 
Mini Oreo "Halloween" Cheesecakes, 
but I also made another batch of
the pecan pie muffins. 

I'm a bakin' fool today, my friends.

And it's all due to my upcoming trip this evening
to the BEACH!!!!

Yeah, I know it's almost November, 
but it's the beach (1)
and it's somewhere else that isn't Tuscaloosa or Birmingham (2), 

Are you going anywhere to get away?

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