Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Days

Campus is filled with... porta-potties... 
And signs telling me to be off of campus by 5pm on Friday. 

Thanks, Bama. 
You know how to make me feel at home. 

Sarcasm aside, here is a little sneak peek at a little musical group, 
you may have heard of them...the Million Dollar Band!

I also noticed that the band has recruited a kid that I used to babysit.
I'm officially old.
Congratulations, Tyler!

On a more Thursday night focused note, 
I'm making chicken pot pie. 
Yes, I know I said hot dogs yesterday, 
but I think we can have it made before everyone 
gets to the house. 

It'll be yummy. 

And maybe one of those no-bake desserts...
I don't have that much time this afternoon, gosh. 

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