Friday, August 27, 2010

Free to be you and me

"There's a land that I see, 
where the children are free.
Come with me, take my hand, 
and we'll live...
where the river runs free...."

Yes, Vicki.
Even joking about that song, 
gets it stuck in my head.
You and Target are on my "Lassiter List."

On a baking note:
I made the cupcakes I saw in Cartwheels in my mind last night
for Haley's birthday.
They were a huge success!
birthday. PHOTO OF THE DAY.
(From their website) I'll post my cupcakes later, maybe. Haha.

Keep the fun, crafty ideas a-flowin' Cartwheels!

I'm debating whether or not I should make a cinnamon swirl bread
 that I saw on the Pioneer Woman's website...
I do have a loaf pan now...on loan. 

Happy Friday!


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