Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Confidence in Summertime.

Good morning to you.

"It is what it is. These people aren't that good, but you kinda hope that they can be better."
-Vicki commenting on The Bachelorette 

Sorry, I'm going to rant about that show today. 
I've started watching The Bachelorette on Mondays and am frankly disgusted at Ali. 

Reason 1: She knows how crappy it is to be strung along like you are worth something and then cast aside, but still manages to do the same thing to all of these guys. 

Reason 2: She acted like she was in love with all 4 guys last night while visiting their families. 
What is that about? 

Reason 3: She said that she and Frank were perfect for each other. In what way is that, Ali? 
Is it when Frank looks you in the eye when he tells you about how he feels? Oh..wait. He doesn't look you in the eye. He never truly feels comfortable in this relationship with you, because he has to share you with three other guys. And what in the world was up with the wife beater and cardigan, Frank? Ewww. 

There are many other reasons to completely dislike this show, but I narrowed it down to three. And it isn't just you, Ali. It's the show. I know they make you do certain things, but seriously... wow. 
And btw, Matt H. thinks you're too needy, Chris. Sorry. Haha. 

You've LOST your magic, ABC. Ah, thank you. 

Random picture....and Go!
And no, they still are not in alphabetical order. :)


  1. You are totally in my territory in this picture! How could you rock the LC without me? ;)

  2. Haha, sorry. Random trip to Columbus brought us through Lamar County... good times.


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