Friday, May 14, 2010

Soap Box.

This is the first official segment of This is the South.

Today I will address the critical examination of Southern Hospitality.

I really don't understand why many people are flabbergasted by what we in the South consider good manners (just ask this lady). They pass the Mason-Dixon line and suddenly they feel like they're in another universe. You know why, Yankees? It's because y'all aren't very nice. Southerners wave to everyone, say "hello" and start up conversations with strangers, and open doors for others just because that's how we were raised. It's the polite thing to do. It's the unselfish thing to do. And if you don't like it, you can get out, Chip. (haha)

Wikipedia has an article about Southern Hospitality, where critics accuse Southerners of being nice because of guilt.

"Southern hospitality has been examined by sociologists and other social scientists, some of whom have characterized the practices as a masquerade designed to cover deficiencies in southern culture, such as slavery, discrimination, and widespread poverty." (Wikipedia)

Really? I'm not nice because I have misplaced guilt about what some of my ancestors participated in along with the rest of the country. If that was the case, Yankees should really be a lot nicer as well, as they hold the most members of the KKK at moment. What's that I hear, North? A broom trying to sweep your scandalous history under the rug? Read a history book. The South is the not the only area that held slaves during that time period. I'm pretty sure the whole country participated in that whole "Trail of Tears" fiasco as well. So get a life Northerners and examine your own history and discriminations. It's probably time for a vacation and our beaches are really nice.

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