Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lingering Hugs

Giving a shout out to my friend, Brooke, today, because I love this painting she did for Adam and Elizabeth! I'm still wondering where those guitar strings are though. :)

Pic from here.

Not by you, Jesse. ;)

And in the spirit of clarity:

10 Things I Like About You:

1) You are willing to log many miles to come and see me.
2) You are willing to log those miles in the middle of the night after hanging out with me until the wee hours.
3) You indulge my silliness. (of which you've only a seen a glimpse)
4) You get along with my friends and are genuinely interested in them.
5) You like to cook with me. (You can help me tonight, in fact.)
6) You like holding my hand for long periods of time.
7) You think your hobbies are really geeky, but I really like that you have things that you absolutely love to do. (Counting counties included.)
8) You are really sweet and thoughtful. (Like my mom said, "[you seem] like a nice fella.")
9) You remember everything that you've ever read/heard about me.
10) You aren't afraid to ask important questions.

Bonus: You won't be too embarrassed when you read this.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Brittni! Um. . . let's just call this post-modern art, then it can be anything, like a guitar not having strings.

  2. You are welcome! And I totally saw one of your chalkboards on the daily Etsy email!!


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