Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anyone Else But You

I feel like I can't write anything right now, because the stuff I want to write about I can't reveal...until a later date. Don't worry...I'll let you in on it when it becomes public knowledge.

However, I will tell you that my buddy, Christa (pictured in the middle beside me) will be gracing the blog with her presence tomorrow in segment dos of "This is the South". Hopefully, she doesn't forget and wait until the last minute to write something...but frankly that's totally something I would, excusable.

And even though I'm totally over it today, I will throw a little Southern generalization your way. Yesterday as I was leaving a new coffee place downtown that I have begun frequenting, I was backing out of the space (slowly, might I add) and this crazy lady comes barreling down the road and beeps her horn at me repeatedly. Now stay with me on this, my car is already halfway into the road and can easily back the rest of the way without injuring my car or hers, HOWEVER, she continues to beep her horn and move her car closer to mine until I have to pull back into my space and brake. I become seriously confused and look behind my car again to see the car that was behind Ms. Crazy Pants, waiting patiently for me to back up (again) and go on my way. I waved politely at the courteous driver and pulled up beside Crazy McCrazerson. I refrained from looking in her direction lest I display uncouth road rage tendencies and for that I say to that lady, "You are welcome."

Ok, now that I've told the story of my morning, here is my generalization. That lady is from the North. Haha. No manners whatsoever. In a ridiculous hurry to get past me, even though she took her time at each light afterwards... I would make more generalizations, but because of my angry state of mind at the time I refused to acknowledge that lady's CRV any more than I had to.

If I put you in an ornery mood, my bad. Look at the happier pictures at the top for some cheer.
Good day.


  1. I love this picture!! I ordered a copy but haven't framed it yet. Must do that. Stat.

  2. I haven't framed my copy either! Ahhh!


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