Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy bum.

Sorry, I totally skipped church this morning. I had every intention of going, but I kept waiting for the shower to be available, while I preoccupied myself with reading and then it was after 10...hopefully I will get to watch the sermon online this week. It was the start of the new series from Troy and like his other ones I'm sure it was awesome.

Please pray for my missions group, as we are leaving in approximately 12 days for Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I am pumped, but still a little wary, because I really don't know most of the people going on the trip. I am hoping that the trip will form some great friendships.
And if you ask me what we are doing in Mexico, I may just give you the answer that Aaron gave me, when I asked him what his Costa Rica group was doing---"Spreading the Gospel."

Shout out to my friend Rachele, who is 26 today. Happy birthday friend! Looking forward to celebrating on the quad today! Frisbee!!!!


  1. I am keeping you and your group in my prayers. Woop, woop for carrying out our Great Commission!


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