Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got any more brain busters!

Oh, how I love Mental Floss magazine. The articles are hilarious yet topical and crazy smart and reading the articles makes me feel like I am smarter because of it. I started reading the online articles again after a friend sent me a link to this. Pick the one you think I should do.

Other things I love (in no particular order):
Adam Sandler movies (most notably his later films including Billy Madison, The Waterboy, and Happy Gilmore) I watched Billy Madison last night after years of having not seen it and I can still quote the entire movie, especially this part.

Regina Spektor's entire catalog of music (She can do NO wrong musically)

My loyal friends (no matter what I say or do, they stand by me) Cue sappy music.

Traveling to places I have never been or places I absolutely love visiting (both are great)

Meeting new NICE people (mean people suck)

Reading awesome books (Got any favorites that you want to share?)

I took the time today (haha, alliteration) to think about my favorite things so that I wouldn't focus on the stress that my life has been surrounded by this week. Good times.

Hope you are having a great day!

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