Friday, July 17, 2009

Theme from A Summer Place

So I have restarted my Netflix subscription, because I needed something to do this week...but frankly it was because I wanted to watch the rest of the Gidget movie series, which I watched with Christa on Sunday night. (You know the tv series with Sally Field? Well, Sandra Dee started it with the movies.)

Because I was in a "I have to see everything with this actor" mood, I rented A Summer Place and Gidget goes Hawaiian (even though Sandra Dee isn't in the 2nd and 3rd Gidget movies). Anywho, Kelly and I watched A Summer Place last night and let me tell you... blech!

Summary: Jorgensen's visit Pine Island (the scene of Papa Jorgensen's old stomping grounds as a lifeguard and also where he fell in love-but didn't do anything about it--you know? that old chestnut). Anyway, he's a millionaire now as a research chemist (didn't know you could be a millionaire as a research chemist---must go back to school) and wanted to show his family the island that he loved...and also wanted to hook up with his former flame, Sylvia. Oh it gets better... Both Ken and Sylvia are in loveless marriages, but have only stayed because they love their children- Molly and Johnny, respectively. While this is happening, quite quickly mind you, Johnny and Molly "fall in love" and begin to see each other. When their sailing trip ends up with them being marooned for an evening, Molly's mother overreacts in a big way and forces Molly into a medical examination to see if she's still pure. Eek! Helen-the missus- also tells Molly that her father is sleeping with Johnny's mother...and all hell breaks loose.

The affair is revealed in every major newspaper---why? I don't know. The two couples divorce and the kids are sent to boarding schools, where they continue to write. Ken and Sylvia get married and invite their kids to visit for spring break, where Molly gets knocked up by Johnny and they run away to get married without telling Ken and Sylvia...who eventually helps them and all is happy as they go back to Pine Island...Whhaaaa???

Did that seem a little disjointed to you? I hope so. Whoever wrote that seemed to think everything should be hunky dorey (sp?) after the kids get married and finally hug their estranged parents. Yay!

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