Saturday, May 2, 2009

Comic Books...

Ok, seriously I don't read comics, but since I went to see X-men origins: Wolverine last night...I really want to read some X-men comics. Not just any X-men comics though, the ones about the character of Deadpool or Wade Wilson, played in the film by Ryan Reynolds...or as Haley calls him Wyan Wenolds... haha.

Called the "Merc with a Mouth," Deadpool was a mutant before he became the supermutant that he is now... his original skills were fancy sword work... which in the movie was quite impressive. Stryker referred to him as the perfect soldier...if it weren't for his mouth. Wade was your comical smart @$$ who could kick well. Stryker used Logan's brother, Victor, who was also a Wolverine-like mutant to capture Wade and lend him to Stryker for experiments...Wade was turned into Deadpool who has a conglomeration of mutant powers including Cyclops's power of laser eyes, Wolverine's blades coming out of his knuckles, and many, many more.

I think I love this character because of his smart mouth... sarcasm always goes a long way with me and I identify and love these characters right away.

Go see the is good.

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