Monday, October 13, 2008

Motorcycle Cops

So my car stopped working...again. Frankly, I am thinking about taking ol' Beatrix (my car's name) and putting her out to pasture. Beatrix must have been pretty mad at me or something, because instead of just not starting when I tried to crank her for the day...she worked up until I was on my way home from lunch and just stopped in the middle of the road.

Got to use my flashers, though, and that was nice. Never had to do that before. Sadly, the flashers warned people to move out of the way and none of them took the flashers to mean help a young lady in distress on the side of the road!

What has happened to chivalry in this country? Especially when it comes to helping women? Has the feminist movement (which I don't think anyone understands what that means anymore) progressed (or regressed) so much that no one thinks they have to help ladies anymore...

Now I will give ONE man did stop and ask if I needed to use his cell phone and that was nice (if I didn't already have 3 cell phones at my disposal).

The wrecker finally came and picked up my car, which looked so sad being lifted onto the truck bed, and drove away to a location unknown where it was "accidentally" pushed off a cliff. (Nope, no such luck.)

Hopefully, my precious Beatrix will be fixed by the day's end I will be able to drive her once again...until she dies altogether (I am guessing in the near future).

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